BASIC pergola

1. LED lighting

LED strip along the roof circuit from the internal pergola side.

2. Steering

Steering by means of a button mounted on the profile or remote control.

3. Roof laths

Range of adjustment from 0 to 115 degrees which ensures control of the volume of sunlight.

4. Side panels

They perform two functions – constituting protection against the wind and provider greater privacy.


Thanks to the carefully designed system of drains, rainwater is led directly to the soil.


RAL 7016 – grey
RAL 9016 – white

Available configurations

Easy mounting

Logistics package

BASIC pergola is designated for self-mounting. All our sets are packed in numbered bundles thanks to which you will be able to easily manage to mount the aluminium pergola. In case of any questions, we will be glad to help you.

BASIC pergola is a package of 5 or 6 boxes with a total weight between 180 and 240 kg. The whole set may be placed on a single pallet with dimensions of 230x80cm.