Types of side curtains

Textile roller-blind ZIP


External textile roller-blind, due to the larger cassette that allows obtaining the maximum width of the roller-blind from 5,000 mm or height of 6,000 mm.

Will be a perfect solution anywhere where there is a need to cover  areas such as a pergola, a shed, a  winter garden from sunlight, while maintaining compact dimensions of the cassette.

The roller-blind is made in ZIP type systemstandard. Planking edges have a special zip which keeps the material in guiding. This system of guiding enhances the stability of roller-blinds on the wind, ensuring proper material tension.

The textiles areavailable in various degrees of transparency and colour range, allowing for the creation of an intimate atmosphere inside the rooms.

Characteristic features

High-quality aluminium from which system components have been made, resistant to changing weather conditions, while good-quality, multi-layer varnish that covers the roller-blind elements, resistant to UV radiation.

Properly selected fabrics in the roller-blinds guarantee additional benefits in the form of thermal insulation. The fabrics effectively limit access of heat, absorbing part of UV radiation.

High-quality materials protect against excessive heating up of rooms, guaranteeing full discretion and privacy during the day, creating a feeling of intimacy and a pleasant atmosphere.

The available manual and electrical drives, remote control with timer programming, dusk automation and wind and sun automation make the use of roller-blinds an easy and comfortable task.

A wide range of standard colours according to RAL pallet allows for adjusting the colour of the roller-bind to individual requirements and for it matching any elevation.


Braided fabrics

  • Fabrics made of almost unbreakable and  inextensible glass fibre covered with PVC coating, making it much more stable and minimizing the stretching effect.
  • Unique blend of fibres which distinguishes the COPACO fabrics stands behind their substantially high aesthetic values.
  • Two-colour braids Untypical for competitive fabrics value which allows for the selection of brighter or darker external side. The braids of fibres overlap thanks to which the whole material is not homogeneous in colour.
  • Material beams, with a width of 3.5 meter, that enable the conduct of large plankingwithout the necessity of applying intermediate welds.
  • Broad range of fabric transparency levels  (5%,1%, Block-out) allows to meet even the most demanding needs of clients with respect to visible light permeability and keeping the heat outside the building which translates into savings in air-conditioning and discreteness of the solution.
  • The fabrics reduce or entirely eliminate the shining effect – a reflection of light on the computer or TV screen.


  • High quality of products offered by CAPACO is reinforced by its standard 5-year warranty for all fabrics as well as by the Oeko-Tex certificate which establishes strict limits for products. When a fabric material is certified in accordance with Eeko-Tex it means that it does not contain any illegal substances (carcinogenic colourings).
  • Applying COPACO fabrics may contribute to gaining additional points in BREAM certification system (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) as well as LEED system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which ultimately increases the value of specific projects.
  • Fireproof fabrics are compliant with the EN 13501-1 standard.


  • COPACO fabrics are very easy in maintenance. You will need solely a soft brush or sponge and clean water in order to clean them.
  • In case of persistent stains, you may use soap without oils and fragrance substances, diluted in warm water  (20-40°C).
  • You should always clean the fabric when it is  tense (taken down entirely), as dents and creases may damage the fabric fibres.
  • After cleaning, dry the fabric on fresh air until it is completely dry.


5% fabric


5% fabric